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about me.

Hi, I'm Tallulah! I hold a BA in French and an MA in Translation Studies from Cardiff University. I am also a consultant and researcher for SHAPE in Schools, promoting the value of social sciences, humanities and the arts alongside STEM. I was previously Operations Manager for MFL Mentoring which seeks to improve the uptake of modern languages in Wales.  

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Enjoying a Read

my approach.

Exploring other languages and cultures helps to widen our perspectives and teach us more about who we are. Languages are not learnt in isolation but connect with all other subjects through vital literacy skills. 


I help develop learners' literacy skills through the exploration of different languages and cultures around the world. I do this by focusing on multilingual literacy, metalinguistic awareness, intercultural competency and interdisciplinary learning.

International languages are often overlooked by anglophone learners which is leading to a severe decline in uptake in the UK and elsewhere. My research helps to understand attitudes to language learning and promote a more holistic approach to support the sector. 

My workshops do not teach one specific language but rather draw on a variety of languages, past and present, to help learners develop core literacy skills which they can apply to any language or subject area.

Simply described as the how of languages, metalinguistic awareness is the ability to reflect on how language works which in turn helps learners to transfer linguistic knowledge from one language to the next.

 Made up of a combination of

knowledge, skills and attitudes,

intercultural competency is the ability to behave and communicate in a way that is effective and appropriate in different cultural contexts. 

My workshops contextualise language learning within an interdisciplinary space by combining languages with other SHAPE subjects, such as history, geography, religion, art, music and drama. 

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