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Book one of my bespoke languages workshops for primary and secondary schools, available online or in person.  Contact to find out more and request a quote. 

Art Class
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Writing Systems

of the World

Discover the history of our alphabet and how languages like Arabic and Mandarin use different writing systems.

Sounds of the World

Explore the sounds of different languages and learn more about how tonal languages and click languages work. 

Languages in the Brain and Body

Learn more about our bodies and how we think, speak and hear to form complex language. 

Languages in Space

Discover the languages of space, how astronauts from across the world work together and how to create your own alien language. 

Languages and Art

Explore how language links with art and how we express our creativity in unique ways across the world. 

Languages and Music

Discover how language links with music and how all languages have a unique musicality that helps us learn them. 

Languages of Britain

Learn more about the languages of the British Isles, where they came from and which languages make up our multilingual and multicultural island today. 

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